The Warband of Serens are 6 miniatures of 32mm  for wargames.


  • 1 Matriarch of Serens.
    • Sprue: 2 hammers, a great hammer, a metallic whip and a hand.
  • 1 Superior sister I.
    • Sprue: a hammer, a whip and an iron crown.
  • 1 Sister of Serens I.
    • Sprue: a hammer and a cudgel.
  • 1 Sister of Serens II.
    • Sprue: a sling and nunchaku.
  • 1 Novice of Serens I.
    • Sprue: a dagger and a mayal.
  • 1 Novice of Serens II.
    • Sprue: a hammer and a mayal.
  • 6 Plastic bases.

Sisters of Serens are monopose metal figures.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. We Recommended the use of modeling tools.


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Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts.

Sisters of Serens are Warband Miniatures  product, distributed by LastSword Miniatures.