What’s about my account?

If you are one of our Kickstarter backers, there are two things that we have done for you.

  • We have created a customer account with your Kickstarter name as ID and your Kickstarter email as Email.
  • We have added your kickstarter contribution into your customer account. We call this contribution Funds.

If you wish to loggin, you must to recovery your password.

If you are new here and never took part in a LastSword’s Kickstarter campaign.

  • In the landing page, just go “If you are not” section and filling the text boxes with your new account details: Username and Email.

How can I recovery my password?

Recovery your password is so easy, just follow the instructions:

  • Go to the landing page: www.pledgemanager.es .
  • In the botton of the landing page you will find a section called “Recovery your password”.
  • Filling the text box with your user ID or Email.
  • Check your email inbox folder, do not forget the junk folder too.
  • Click over the link that you will find in our email.
  • Write a new password.

Where is my Kickstarter contribution?

As we said before, we call funds to your kickstarter contribution. Funds can be added as a payment method into your cart page.

If you have funds in your account, you will see botton in the top of your your shopping cart page: https://pledgemanager.es/carrito , called “Funds”.

Just click over it and your funds will be added into your order.

Honestly, I can not see my funds anywhere!

If you have done a Kickstarter contribution and can see your funds, calm down! We can sort it!

Just send an email at: hello@lastsword.com and let us know about it. We will need to know your Kickstarter ID and Email.

Why Do I have to pay IVA if I am living abroad EU?

So you are wondering why IVA is applied into your order if you are not into the UE.

Well, according with the UE law, all exports are free of IVA (VAT or TAX in other countries). That is right. But there is a problem.

To prove that we are selling abroad, the UE and the spanish govern ask to us to filling an export document called DUA. Transport documents are not enough for bureaucracy.

DUA must be filling for an exports agent. Exports agents are a privacy bussines and they charge for their work.

Finally the cost of present DUA is to high for us and we can not afford it. There is no way to charge customers for that too.

For that reason we can not sell as an export.

Others companies are selling as an export, that is righ. But in the future, if an inspector visit them, they will have to pay a big fine for sell as an export without DUA documents.

I am so sorry for that.